Thursday, February 04, 2016

Essence precedes existence


Sometimes, I kind of understand existentialism. How could there be a human essence, if many people, like myself, ask themselves everyday the same question over and over: "who am I?" So one thinks, there cannot be a human essence because we are constantly changing, and also the world around us changes everyday. When one thinks he/she is close to an answer to who he/she is supposed to be or to do in life, then suddenly he/she is not that person anymore. 

However, analyzing the situation in depth, I think it all happens due to lack of faith in God. God, who is the only Mighty and Triune God, the Creator of the universe! He created us, but we rejected and disobeyed Him. Disobedience is indeed the very core of human essence. And disobedience, in a broad sense, is just another sin, or even the reason for all sins. 

Therefore, sin is the core of human essence after Adam and Eve. 

It was not supposed to be like this, but it is. So, actually, I disagree with existentialism. There is indeed a human essence, which exists prior to death, and even birth. Who am I? A sinful man. 

Belo Horizonte, January 26th, 2016.

Leo Rander, 21, a Christian saved by grace through faith, is a pharmacy major passionate about chemistry, but who also likes theology.